Ground-breaking antimicrobial technology


There are limitless opportunities for Government and public service departments to benefit from Bio Shield® 75 applications. In military, corrections, health care and education alone, disease and germ control could be reduced with the use of Bio Shield® 75, not to mention in Government and public service office and work spaces.

In the classroom, cafeteria, staff room and gymnasium, Bio Shield® 75 provides valuable protection to children, students and staff in the education sector. Treat your educational facility with Bio Shield® 75 to help prevent the spread of germs, influenza and other viruses, to name just a few.

Bio Shield® 75 has a wide range of applications for the military and emergency response services. It provides an invaluable shield of protection against bacteria and infection for those on the front line.

Applications for the military include keeping wound dressings infection-free, preventing the spread of bacteria and fungi and in uniforms and undergarments, antimicrobial face masks and filters and for use with water treatment filters

Correctional Facilities
Locking out germs, mould and mildew from the facility is now easier than ever. Bio Shield® 75 offers antimicrobial protection that works every minute of every day with just a simple application.

Bio Shield® 75 creates a durable bond to the treated surface preventing any further growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria. This could have beneficial applications for mess halls, cells and laundry rooms, to name just a few. This not only helps protect the buildings and staff, but reduces the cost of treatment of people staying at the facility.