Ground-breaking antimicrobial technology


Bio Shield® 75’s ability to permanently bond with a variety of surfaces even extends to textiles. This has enormous applications for use in any number of industries and fields. In healthcare alone there are opportunities to reduce disease spread from doctors’ lab coats.

In the military and emergency response, people on the front line will get additional protection from infection and disease through Bio Shield® 75 treated uniforms. In sports, Bio Shield® 75‘s ability to kill odour at the source will provide wide benefit for sports uniforms and equipment. Hospitality, entertainment and travel industries would also reap benefits from being able to treat staff uniform and guest seating with Bio Shield® 75.

Textile Applications:

  • Healthcare: scrubs, sheets, pillow cases, towels, privacy curtains, lab coats, nurse and patient uniforms
  • Sports Hygiene: uniforms including socks and head gear
  • Military: uniforms and personal apparel, tents, sleeping bags and back packs
  • Interior and exterior design: carpets, indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Hospitality, Travel and Entertainment: food & beverage uniforms, towels, sheets, pillow cases,
  • linen and mattresses and furniture
  • Agriculture: uniforms, towels, aprons, head gear and footgear